4 Unique Reasons Why You Should Not Pray With Your Eyes Open

4 Unique Reasons why you should not pray with your eyes open

4 Unique Reasons why you should not pray with your eyes open


Prayers is very important in Christian life. It is something you should not joke with. Many people hence like to know the the reason whether it is good or not to pray while your eyes are open.

In this post I’ll be answering the question, “can you pray with your eyes open.
Prayer are one of the most important thing in the path of all christian.
That’s why it’s essentially we learn to know how to pray to God properly.

Can you Pray with your eyes open?

Answer:  The answer is No. You can’t Pray with your eyes open.
They’re many reasons why you can’t Pray with your eyes open, which I’ll be explaining in this post.

Reasons you shouldn’t Pray with your eyes open

1. God is not a man:

When you pray as a Christian your main Aim is to communicate with God in heaven.
Meanwhile, God is never a man that we can see with out normal eyes, but once you close your eyes you’ll be able to make use of your Spiritual eyes

2. To concentrate:

Prayer needs full concentration, and can only be achieved by closing your eyes during prayers.
Once a person eyes is opened the devil can easily disturb your heart to loose concentration.
You’ll be begin to see things you didn’t notice.

3. To See The Things Of The Spirit:

You cannot see things of the spirit with your ordinary eyes.
The holy Spirit will only reveal himself to your once your Spiritual eyes are closed.
This ordinary eyes we human has, have been stained with sin, because we use the same eyes to see evil things.

4. To Be Able To See Visions.

People who succeed in seeing vision could only do them because they closed their eyes during prayers.
No matter how gifted you are, you’ll still have to close your eyes during prayers to be able to see visions.
Because vision are of God and not of men, before God can allow man to see secret he must close his eyes during prayers to attain full concentration.


In conclusion since prayer requires absolute concentrations, it is advisable to be careful while doing it. Do not get distracted since it is a communication between you and your maker.

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