A policeman’s prayer: 7 powerful prayer

A policeman's prayer

A policeman’s prayer: 7 powerful prayer

The safety and security of many people’s lives are in the hands of the security agency which is why the policeman’s prayer is important.

When we think deeply we realize that the police officers are very important to the community, many bad things would have happened without the help of the police officers.

Their job is of big risk, putting their life down for the safety of others, some people even disrespect the police but they keep on doing their job which is why the police officers need prayers.

In this post, I’ll list seven powerful policeman’s prayers. Let’s dive in.

But before I start listing the seven policeman’s prayers, I’ll like you to understand the reason and benefits of the prayers.

A policeman's prayer

The benefit of policeman’s prayer

The benefit of the Police officer’s prayers is what makes the prayers Important:
1. The prayers help them to do their jobs well.

A police officer is also a human who’s very likely to make mistakes, but when they pray prayers like this, they hardly make any mistakes. They will do their job well.

2. The prayers will give them divine knowledge, to be able to carry out some deep situation.

Knowledge is of God and not of man, when a policeman prays this prayer, he/she will receive divine knowledge to carry out their duty properly and to secure the nation.

3. The prayers help them to work according to the will of God and not of just men.
When a person works according to the will of God he/she will do everything perfectly. We have to admit that without God there’s little we can do.

4. The prayers will help for the safety of their lives.
Policemen are very likely to face different attacks from any kind of source.
Some policeman have lost their lives while doing their job, so it’s important we pray for them.

7 powerful policeman’s prayer

1. Heavenly father I pray that you give the police officers the strength and power to do their work right, in Jesus’ name. Amen

2. Lord Jesus, the wisdom and knowledge that the police officers need to enable them to do their jobs well, Grant it unto them. In Jesus’ name amen.

3. Heavenly father keeps the police officers safe from any form of evil awaiting them on their daily duties, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

4. Let the spirit of divine intervention intervene in any rubbery act by thieves and rubbers, In the name of Jesus. Amen.

5. Let The gift of Discernment come upon all the police officers to Know and have the wisdom to discern between what is wrong and what’s not right, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

6. I pray that The power and strength to face any difficult situation at a given period, come to all police officers and security agencies, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

7. Let God arise and solve any hidden problem that may confront any police officers, Which might be affecting their lives, and giving them reasons to worry, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

All pray that God in his power and mercy shall answer everyone’s prayer.
We all have worries so do the police officers, some do face difficult situations, but continue doing their job, which is to protect the country.

It’s time we start looking at the police officers as normal human beings like others, no matter whatever may have happened, they’re just doing their jobs.

If you’ve disrespected a police officer before, try to amend your ways and put it at the back of your mind, they’re just doing their jobs.

Imagine a police officer Surrendering everything, their lives, time, and night’s sleep. Just to safe guide their country and communities, they deserve every respect.


a policeman’s prayer is great and needed for them to get the help of God in whatever they do for the love of the country and the safety of humanity.

Policeman deserves many things, like respect, love, peace, and our support, which we can show when we pray this prayer for them and their families
So in this, I’ve discussed a policeman’s prayer and the benefit of a policeman’s prayer.

No one prays for bad things same are the police officers. which is why the prayers for the policemen are important.

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