Basic Facts About Prayer


Prayer is one great means most people use to communicate with God, that is why you must understand some deep facts about prayer.

I’ll be clarifying some facts about prayer, moreover, it will also help people take full advantage of their time with God.

In this post, I’ll explain some deep facts about how to pray when under spiritual attack, how to listen to God in prayer, and how to pray out loud.

The basic reason for this post is to help believers take important steps during their time in prayer.


How To Pray When Under Spiritual Attack

Prayers under Spiritual attack are strategic prayer that needs some level of Spiritual understanding before praying.
To pray when under Spiritual attack you need to do the following.

1. Ask for the forgiveness of sin from your maker:

You must do this, if not such a person will open doors for more Spiritual attacks from the enemy.

Sin is an open passage for the enemy to have direct access to someone’s life. When you are under Spiritual attack and your life still has some kind of sin, the devil will take advantage of such to hinder the prayers and to increase the Spiritual torment.

2. You need to ask for the power of God:

No man has the power of their own, they all depend on something, so as a Christian you need to ask for the power of God to come upon your life.
The power of God can save, can deliver, and can set free. No matter the condition always ask for the power of God.

3. pray out loud:

Prayers when under spiritual attack are not gentle man’s prayer, you need to pray out loud, like Jesus cried and shouted the name of Lazarus to raise him from the dead.

When you pray a gentle man’s prayer, the enemy you are challenging is never gentle, they’re very wicked and you need to pray from your heart with a loud voice to stop them.
Spiritual attack is not an issue you take with easy hands, because you can’t see them with your ordinary eye you can only see them with your Spiritual eye.

How to Listen To God In Prayer

In this part, you’ll learn how To listen to God In prayer.

Listening to God is another Spiritual gift on its own. For a person to receive the gift to listen to God in prayer such a person must follow the following process.

1. Thirst For This Gift

To be able to receive the power that will enable you to listen to God in prayer, you need to thirst for this gift.

God won’t give you this gift if there’s no sign of willingness or hunger for this gift.

Your body, soul, and spirit must want this gift before the holy Spirit can grant it unto you.

2. Live In Holiness

Living in holiness is very important if you ever want to receive the gift to listen to God in prayer.

Holiness is next to godliness, and no man can ever receive anything from God without being holy.

God has said it in his word I know my people and my people know me, it’s only when you’re holy that’s when you can be classified as part of God’s people.

So, holiness is very important in receiving the power/gift to listen to God in prayer.

3. Ask God For this gift

As a Christian who’s doing all that God has commanded his children when you ask God for this gift, he will surely answer you.

Moreover, all the gifts of the spirit are meant for God’s children, so this has given you the privilege to ask and receive this gift.

4. Concentrate During Prayers:

The Holy Spirit will never talk to a person that doesn’t have a settled mind. meanwhile, concentrating during prayers is a key fact if you want to be able to listen to God in prayer.

How To Pray Out Loud

Praying to God out loud is another means of communicating to the holy ghost.

Loud prayers are normally used during a deep situation that needs strange prayers before they’re solved.
To pray out loud follow the tips below.

1. Shout loud

The way you scream and Shouting
During some difficult situations is the same way you can pray out loud.
Shouting from the top of your voice is one way to pray out loud.

2. Ask for the help of God

To pray loud prayers you need to pray for the strength of God. although everyone can shout, shouting consumes a lot of energy, so, you need to pray that the holy spirit should give you the strength and energy to be able to pray out loud.

3: Consider your health condition

Some people are in a difficult health situation that is against shouting out loud and can be dangerous to their health.

You need to consider the state of your heart before making such a decision.


To everyone that’s finding it difficult to pray out loud, to listen to God in prayer, or to pray under Spiritual attack, we have given out some great tips that Will help you overcome them.

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