Black Panther Wakanda Forever (Recap)

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Wakanda Forever Black Panther

Wakanda Forever Black Panther Movie Recap

At the beginning of the movie, Shiri was trying to recreate the herbs after all the herbs in wakanda were burned by killmonger. T’Challa was serious at that time and he needed the herb soon to cure his illness.

Shiri tried to use all the technology in Wakanda but failed, later Queen Ramonda came to inform her that t’challa had died, and all the people of Wakanda and all the relatives of Chalo were deeply saddened by his death.

Wakanda Forever Black Panther

They took the black panther to his final resting place. So, a year later Queen Ramonda attended a meeting of the United Nations, at this meeting Wakanda was pressured by othern nationsto share vibranium as teach Allah promised Queen Ramonda told them that W’Candor refused to share vibranium with other nations, she feared that vibranium had been misused as weapons to kill each other. This decision was also made because Wakanda lost the black panther as her protector. But that didn’t mean Wakanda became a weak Nation. Instead, they strengthened their defences to protect the vibranium as proof that akoy and the Dora melons defeated and arrested the

French army that tried to steal the Vibranium, With evidence of the Army’s arrest Queen Ramonda warned everyone not to underestimate Wakanda especially not to illegally abuse vibranium.

At night in the Atlantic Ocean CIA agents used the new vibranium detector in their expedition to find vibranium in the ocean, using the detection device when they found the smaller vibranium they were looking for, some divers were ordered to go to the bottom of the ocean to inspect the mine, but not long afterwards the divers were mysteriously gone one by one.

A few minutes later the sound of singing came from the bottom of the ocean and the sound hypnotized all the ship’s crew members into jumping into the ocean, and then some mysterious people with blue skin climbed the ship, and killed all the CIA agents, hundreds of people were killed in this incident, and only the leader managed to save himself.

After this incident CIA agents blamed Wakanda as the murderer of this Mass killing at night, Queen Ramonda asked Shuri to burn the white cloaks with her as a symbol of their acceptance of t’Challa’s death, but she reddened this as she was still grieving for him in the dark suddenly something came from the lake area it was nammer the leader of the blue skin people’s Force who attacked the CIA agents earlier,

surprised that nammor was able to get past Wakanda’s Advanced security nammer came to protest and blame T Challa who revealed the existence of vibranium to the outside world, that because of him many people tried to steal vibranium even at the bottom of the ocean apparently there was also less vibranium in namar’s place like in Wakanda.

He then asked Queen Ramonda to catch the scientists who invented the vibranium detector if Queen Ramonda rejects, neymer and his army will attack Wakanda.

The next day Shuri and akoy meet with agent Ross to find the identity of the scientists mentioned by nammer, they received information from agent Ross that the scientist who invented the vibranium detector was a mid-student named Rory.

Before they left they asked Riri to go to Wakanda with them Riri took Shuri and akoi to her base to pack, and she did all her research there, Shuri and akoi were stunned by them before they left the place, FBI suddenly surrounded the various bases, however, Shiri escaped using a motorbike akoy escaped using rari’s car and Riri escaped using an iron heart suit, she made when they managed to escape from the FBI.

They were suddenly attacked by Neymar’s Army the leaders of the army called Attila, and namura killed all the FBI Personnel in fodakoi okoy was eventually defeated, as she could not fight their entire crew alone, Riri and Shiri were then kidnapped and brought by Neymar’s Army to an underwater Kingdom called the talican.

In Wakanda okoy reported on everything that happened, that she was defeated by Neymar’s Army while trying to protect princess Shuri, unfortunately, Queen Ramonda did not accept her apology and akoy was fired.

Then Queen Ramonda visited Nakia who lived in Haiti she told her that the Shiri had been kidnapped, so she asked for her help in finding the Shuri, not long after Nakia received information from the local people about the location of the ta Kingdom at the same time.

Shiri was brought to meet Neymar Shuri and told about his origin apparently, Neymar’s mother lived hundreds of years ago, and is pregnant and suffering from a mysterious disease.

She and other local people were given medicine in the form of a liquid herb found at the bottom of the sea, the herb was similar to the herb in Wakanda except this one was blue.

To cut the long story short, In the end, she accepted the death of her mother and brother apparently Nakia had a son with T’Challa, and she agreed to raise their son in Haiti, so he wouldn’t be bothered by politics in Wakanda, their son was named Prince T’Challa and here the mystery were captains.

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