Deep Facts About The Holy Spirit

Deep Facts About The Holy Spirit

Are you finding it difficult to understand some facts about the holy spirit?

If yes, in this post we have answered different questions concerning the holy spirit. Let’s dive in!!

Deep Facts About The Holy Spirit

What Is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God, it signifies the continuity of the presence of God on the earth, the holy spirit is also the third part of the holy trinity (father, son, holy spirit) they are all in one.

The Holy Spirit works in line with the directive of God because it’s also the spirit of God.

FAQs On The Holy Spirit

What are the 7 characteristics of the Holy Spirit?

1. The holy spirit is a comforter.

2. The holy Spirit brings heavenly inspiration to men

3. The holy spirit inspires the gift of life spirit

4. The holy spirit has the power to deliver a person

5. The holy spirit is the major earpiece of God

6. The holy spirit is a messenger sent by God

7. The holy Spirit inspires righteousness.

What Does the Holy Spirit Do in My life?

The holy spirit has a lot of functions and different places that it operates.

The holy spirit can make you live holy, give you the gift of the spirit, help you overcome problems, transform your life, and set you free from captivity.

Is the Holy Spirit The Spirit of God?

Yes, the holy Spirit is the spirit of God because it’s the third of the holy trinity. And the holy spirit signifies the continuity and forever presence of God on the earth.

How Do I Receive The Holy Spirit?

To receive the holy spirit you must follow the steps below. They are:

1. Become a righteous soul

2. Acknowledge Jesus as your lord and personal saviour

3. Always live in holiness, both within and without.

4. Dedicate yourself to the things of God.

5. Become prayerful

6. Study the word of God daily

7. Initiate your life into the power of God.

What Does Jesus Call The Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is a messenger of God sent to humanity, to grant us an innate presence of God in ever lives.

Jesus calls the holy spirit comforter when he was about the leave this earth. He promised his disciples that he would send a comforter, to come and help and direct their feet ( Acts 1:8 )

What Is Another Name For Holy Spirit?

The holy spirit can be addressed in different names; The comforter, the spirit of God, the messenger of God.

Is the Holy Spirit a person?

No, the holy Spirit is not a man or person, the holy spirit is a spirit, and it operates only in the spirit.

The holy spirit cannot be seen with your physical eyes, the only way you can see the holy spirit is through your spiritual eyes.

What’s the Difference between God and the Holy Spirit?

God is the creator of everything, both man, the holy spirit, heaven and earth.

Meanwhile, the holy Spirit is a messenger of God, whose basic function is to give directives to humans according to the directive of God.

Do I pray to God Jesus or the Holy Spirit?

You must always pray to jesus, not the Holy Spirit, cause no one cometh to the father unless through Jesus.

The functions of the holy Spirit are quite very different because the holy spirit is a direct messenger of God.

Why do We need Holy Spirit?

There are 5 main reasons why you need the holy spirit, which are:

  1. To receive the gift of the spirit
  2. To enable you to receive inspiration from heaven.
  3. To live a holy life.
  4. To hear the voice of God
  5. To fulfill your divine destiny

Is the Holy Spirit male or female?

The holy spirit is neither a man nor a woman, the holy spirit is majorly the spirit of God and a messenger of God without a specific gender.

There’s no point in comparing the gender of the holy spirit, the main thing is for you to acknowledge the power of the holy spirit.


In this post, we have listed some facts you need to know about the holy spirit.

We have answered different questions that are concentrated on facts about the holy spirit.

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