Faith For Healing : why it is important

Faith for healing

Faith For Healing : why it is important

You may doubt if having faith for healing will work for you, in this post I’ll provide you with the answers to your question.

The power of faith in prayer is so remarkable that even the Bible says having faith can move mountains, faith for healing is compromising, which I’ll clarify in this post.

In today’s post, I’ll talk about how important is faith in healing, and why faith for healing is important.

What does the Bible say about faith for healing?

When Jesus was alive, he told his disciples why faith is very essential in prayer.
Having faith means you trust your maker, and believe something will surely happen after your prayers.

Faith means being assured without any evidence. if a person is sick and needs prayers, without faith such prayers won’t be answered, that’s why faith for healing works perfectly together.

Faith for healing

The Best way to activate God’s power for healing is by praying with faith, your faith is what will force God’s power to act.

How important is faith for healing

Faith is so important for healing that without faith, your prayers might never get answered.

When we go to God in prayer there’s only one thing God wants from us after the prayer which is faith.

I have seen people praying with passion, but when you get close to them, I found out their faith is not strong enough, which may be the reason why God has refused to answer their prayers.
God is not a magician and he doesn’t want to look like one, God is the creator of the heavens and earth, and everything in it, God has given man the power to decide between good and bad, which is why he also gave us the power to force the answer of our prayer through faith.

Faith is a powerful force that makes the impossible possible, Faith for healing works so perfectly that no man can receive answers without faith.

Why faith for healing may not work for you

Some important reasons that can make your faith ineffectively, are:
1. Sin and iniquities: a sinner’s prayer Will certainly be a waste, cause God is holy and he doesn’t associate with unholy things. God will never answer a sinner’s prayer, no matter the amount of faith.

Even if it’s faith for healing or whatever problem it might be. Sin is a big hindrance that can stop you from getting answers to your prayer.
So for faith to work for you, you never ask for forgiveness and surrender to God. v

2. Praying against the will of God for your life:
The plan of God’s forever life is for good and not evil. No matter how holy or the amount of faith you put into your prayer, once you’re praying against the will of God for your life, such prayer won’t get answered.

Imagine a person praying for admission to study law in the University, whereas God’s plan for his life, is to study something different, God will never answer such prayers.

3. Praying with evil thoughts in your heart:
God sees out inward thought.
If a person beings to live a holy life and prays for certain things from God, but the person is having a thought of backsliding once God answers his/her prayer, that prayer will never get answered. No man can deceive God, he knows what everyone has in mind.
Praying with a clean thought and a clean heart will allow faith for healing to work perfectly for you.

4. brokenness: God may demand some level of commitment from a person before he answers your prayer.
A man that’s praying for wealth, but with his level of commitment, if he gets such wealth he might backslide and fall for the devil.
brokenness means full commitment to God, God examines people’s lives before answering their prayers.


A prayer without faith is like a gun without a bullet, your faith is the bullet that shoots out the answer to your prayer.
Faith for healing is the right way to get God to answer your prayer, remember the lady with the issue of blood, that concluded in her heart that if only she could torch the helms of the garment of Jesus Christ, all her sickness will vanish, then God did it for her because of her faith.

Once your faith is strong and you are following all of God’s instructions, then nothing will stop your prayer, your faith for healing will work for you.

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