How Does ICTMORE Works

How it Works

How to get started with Ictmore

We provide people with the latest Information news and Scholarship Updates while also giving them the opportunity to make money from our site for FREE!!! This is accomplished through the posting of articles as well as the reading of our articles.

We make it possible for writers and readers alike to earn and be compensated for posting and reading any type of article on our website.

Also, on the other hand, you don’t have to pay anything while registering to earn on ICTMORE. The registration is totally FREE!! And Your payment is assured as long as you have the minimum withdrawal amount, just contact an Admin for your withdrawal codes.

How You Earn On ICTMORE

How To Earn On Ictmore

Note that ICTMORE offers the best activities earnings out there…

  • When ever you log into your account you earn ₦50
  • For each time you share our daily sponsored post you earn ₦200
  • You make a sum of ₦10 each time you read a post.
  • Each remark you make on a post earns you ₦10. (In order to connect properly with an article/post, your comments must be at least 5 words long.)
  • You can earn ₦200 by referring friends and family to join for free.
  • When you sign up as a new member, you will receive a ₦2,000 initial registration bonus.

Additional Bonus: Every Sunday, the top three active Activities earners get Airtime.

Steps to Earn activities earnings

Create a free account and make sure you allow us to give you notifications for new posts while you’re at it.

To begin earning, begin reading and sharing our articles on social media platforms.

By clicking on the three lines in the top left corner, you can simply browse our site.

Who can be a member on ICTMORE?

Anyone, regardless of age or country of residence, can use Ictmore. All you need is an internet-connected device and you’re ready to start making money.

How genuine ICTMORE?

I understand that you may still be unsure about Ictmore’s legitimacy, but we are here to assure you that we are 100 percent real and that you can trust us because we pledge to maintain our word. Please bear with us as we do our best to keep our word.

And that’s not all

As previously stated, you can earn up to ₦200 for each person you bring into this platform. Keep in mind, however, that referring people is not required; you can earn a lot of money without referring anyone.

Aside from referring people to our site, there are other ways to earn on this site. You can earn by reading and commenting on our content, as well as by sharing our sponsored posts on your Facebook account.

We will also be doing giveaways, which will be offered to our most active users, so strive to be as active on our site as possible.

When Can I Withdraw On ICTMORE

You can now withdraw your money directly to your bank account once you’ve reached our minimum withdrawal barrier of ₦8,000 for activities and ₦4000 for referral.

Withdrawals are available every 28th for both Affiliate and Activities earners; earnings are delivered directly to your account, and no withdrawal fees are deducted from the amount you have earned.

This is a positive characteristic and one of the reasons we should be trusted.

The withdrawal option can be found in the Dashboard section. Within 0 to 24 hours of submitting your withdrawal request WITH YOUR WITHDRAWAL DETAILS, you should receive a Bank Alert.

How To Sign Up

To sign up click on this link, you will be directed to a sign up page where all you have to do is input your personal information and click on register.

After your registration you will be given ₦2000 sign up bonus and access to all the features on Ictmore.

Click Here To Register

(We are confident that the Ictmore will be the greatest and first of its type.)

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