How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough

Have you ever thought of trying out fasting and prayer in other to receive your delayed breakthrough?

If that’s true, in this post I’ll be guiding you on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough.

So, in this post, you’ll learn the steps to fast and pray for a breakthrough, let’s dive in.

How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough

Why You Need Breakthrough Prayers

1. Breakthrough prayers are needed when they’ve delayed problems or situations confronting your life.

2. breakthrough prayers are needed when everything doesn’t seem to be working out no matter how hard you try, it just keeps failing.

3. Breakthrough Prayers are needed when people begin to ask where is the God they serve.

4. Breakthrough Prayers are needed when you get tired of your problem and you seek to change

5. Breakthrough Prayers are needed when life becomes difficult and you feel like giving up.

6. Breakthrough Prayers are needed when those who you’re better than, are doing well in life but you’re finding it difficult to come a bit close to them.

7. Breakthrough Prayers are required when your life needs the touch of God.

How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough

To Fast and pray for a breakthrough is not difficult, but you have to make sure you follow the steps I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

1. Identify The kinds Of Breakthrough you Want

As you may know, Breakthroughs can be anything, there’s no specific kind of breakthrough, there are marital breakthroughs, business breakthroughs, educational Breakthroughs, prosperity breakthroughs, healing breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs etc.

You can pray for any kind of breakthrough whichever concerns you or the situation you are passing through.

Meanwhile, if you identify the kind of breakthrough you want from God, it will become very easy for you to know the kinds of prayers you have to pray to receive them.

2. Accept Jesus As Your Lord And Personal Saviour

No matter how hard you fast and pray, if you are yet to accept Jesus as your lord and saviour, then I don’t think you should ever expect any kind of answers from God.

Jesus is the son of God, whom God sent to this Earth to we sinful men, to die for the sake of our sin, so we can have a chance to commune with God once again.

Jesus said in the Bible “no man cometh to the Father except by me” which tells you why you need to accept Jesus into your life before you can receive answers to your prayers.

Accepting Jesus into your life means you should acknowledge him as your lord and saviour.

Once you do this, you’re getting close to your receiving your long-awaited Breakthrough.

Moreover, many people are yet to receive their long-awaited breakthroughs as a result of their failure to accept Jesus into their life.

3. Run away From Sin

Sin is just like a very dirty stain on your clothes, and nobody will ever hire you if you are putting on dirty clothes for an interview.

This illustrates how sin can hinder your breakthrough prayers, when you go to God in prayer and there’s still sin in your life, you’re just like the person who is going for a job interview with very dirty clothes.

So, I urge you that you should try and avoid sin if you want answers to your breakthrough prayers.

Moreover, sin is the only thing that can give the enemy access to your life.

4. Pray and Fast with Passion

Fasting and praying for a breakthrough wouldn’t go well until begin to hate your problems.

The hatred for your Problems will give you the passion and zeal to pray and Fast with all your heart.

The Bible says “we wrestle not against flesh”, this tells you why you have to Pray with Passion because you raging against principalities, power, and the rulers of darkness in high places.


In this post, we have discussed how to fast and pray for breakthroughs, this post will help you take the necessary steps you need to fast and pray for breakthroughs.

As a Christian your deliverance is in your hands It is either you pray or you wait.

Just have it in mind that when you’re at the edge of your breakthrough, the enemies will always try to torment your more, In other to hinder your expected breakthrough.


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