I’m from a rich family..(Beelalgy Full Biography/Age/Parent)

Beelalgy is a very popular socialist in the northern part of Nigeria, well known for his flamboyant lifestyles.

The young is a cool handsome guy that many girls are crushing on, following his cool dressing and outfit.

Full Names: Bilal Ado Gaya

Nickname: Beelalgy

Aka: Mr. Ehmana

Date of birth: 

Age: (26 years)

Occupation: social media influencer

Net Worth: $59,000

  • Beelalgy Full Biography, Family, Early Life, Education

Bilal Ado Gaya, Better known as Beelalgy, is a young man from Kano State.

He is known for his great sense of dressing, as well as flamboyant lifestyle among the Arewa youths on Instagram and Twitter.

Beelalgy family

Beelalgy family is not really known by anyone, but he’s only known for his flashy life on the internet.

Beelalgy wife

Beelalgy is not married

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