Important Announcement From Admin Desk.

We have realised and taken note of few things which we would be calling out.

We have noticed that most users are not following to the rules which we set in place concerning how to earn on our platform.

And in this short article we would be going over some important rules you need to know concerning this platform and penalties you will face if you end up going against them.

Important Rules You Should Try To Abide By

As stated earlier we have gone over some of the ways which you can earn on our HOW DOES ICTMORE WORK  page and we also made a list of some of the rules you need to know about.

Here are more details of each of them and if you fail to abide to them you will not get paid by ICTMORE.


We have observed that individuals still create fake accounts using their referral links and fake emails so they can earn and surpass the withdrawal limit that we set.

We strongly disapproves of this behaviour because it is a poor method of generating money and individuals who use it will not be compensated.

It birth an unsteady and faulty revenue ecosystem, because you will expect us to pay you money that you didn’t earn with the right method.

If you want to earn with affiliate link, kindly share them on social media like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even in online forums like Nairaland, etc.

That way real user with another IP will register and the chances of generating revenue will skyrocket.

Please note that you won’t receive payment on the next payment date if you have a history of creating several accounts using your own referral link and email address in order to exceed the withdrawal criteria.


You won’t receive payment on the following payment date if you continue to make daily earnings from our sponsored posts without posting them on your Facebook account.

Your Facebook profile link must be provided when you are placing a withdrawal, and we will carefully examine your Facebook account to ensure that you are publishing our sponsored content.

No money will be paid to you that month if you cannot demonstrate consistency in sharing sponsored posts.

Please when you click to earn, endeavour to click to share too using the Facebook Icon.

3. Commenting more than once on a post.

Please note that we only appreciate users to comment once in a post.

From now henceforth, If you comment more than onces, you will be flagged as spammers on the site and your earnings will be deducted.

Please endeavour to comment only once in a post.


Drawing Conclusions

Please don’t spread rumors about us being a scam since we would only pay those who are willing to work and follow the standards we’ve established.

If we don’t pay you or maybe we deduct your earnings during payout, please note that you didn’t follow the above guideline.


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