Is Black Adam Equal to Superman? (Fun Fact)

Black Adam vs Superman? (Fun Fact)

The newly released Hollywood movie black Adam has been The talk of the Town, and also a very successful movie for DC.

We would take a look at some fun facts about black Adam you need to know.

Is Black Adam equal to Superman

Is Black Adam equal to Superman?

No, black Adam is nowhere near Superman. Superman is better than black adam because he has more supernatural powers than black Adam, powers like flying, running, icing, and strength.

Black Adam is a very powerful anti-hero, and at the same the look of things, black Adam has some special powers that make people think he’s equal to Superman.

Superman on the other hand is a powerful superhero that most people have known for a while, as we see in his movies and cartoons where he has shown the world all he got.

Black Adam seems equal to Superman but it’s not, so because of the tremendous strength that he showed in the newly released movie, many are in the watch out to see the outcome of the movie.

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Is Black Adam a villain or hero?

Black Adam is a villain, not a hero. According to the movie, black adam was born out of range, and his son was the hero that saved the people of Kahndaq.

The main reason why he’s not a hero is that he kills the bad guys, meanwhile, heroes don’t hurt people.

What God is Black Adam?

No, Black Adam is no God, his power originated from his son who was chosen by the powerful wizard men to become Shazam, but his son later gave the powers to his father.

He was caged by the powerful wizard due to his misusing of power, which shows why he’s no God but just a villain.

Is Black Adam a Shazam

No, black Adam Is different from Shazam in the sense that his son was chosen to Become the new Shazam.

However, the young boy after further thoughts later surrendered the powers to his father, which made Shazam different from black Adam.


Black Adam is one of the top movies in the world right now, and the name black Adam will surely top the movie industry again, due to the iconic protagonist and the ending scene in the black Adam movie.


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