So lovely as Man gifts girlfriend $100 and iPhone 13 Pro Max as Christmas gift In Style

A young man played a funny TikTok challenge with his babe which made her feel over the moon when he surprised her with two adorable gifts.

The young man made his girlfriend choose between an iPhone 13 pro max and $100, but he later gave his babe the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the 100 dollar bill as early Christmas presents even though she only Chose one.

The challenge entails writing two different special items or fun-filled activity on a stick-it note and asking one’s partner to pick any of the notes through the front that would be hidden from them.

The lady almost picked the iPhone 13 pro max but her man wasn’t moved and he urge her to choose wisely, which she later settled for the other.

She was delighted to remove the note with the $100 scribbled on it.

He then gave her a $100 note, but when he presented her with the other piece of paper, she realized it was an iPhone 13 Pro Max, which caused her expression to shift.

For the girl’s benefit, her boyfriend had already purchased the smartphone; as a result, he decided to bring it out and gave it to her in addition to the $100 she had already been given.

He lost control of the phone when she seized it with such vigour and passion with joy & happiness all over her face.





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