Notice On Withdrawal From Admin Desk

This announcement will be as short as possible as we would be trying to make some necessary things clear concerning our withdrawal.

Due to the fact that our platform is a newly launched platform which was just launched on March 23rd just few days ago our payment will be done next month.


This is not from us but due to the fact that we generate revenue on a 30 days circle and  every user must have a 30 day active cycle before they can get paid for that month.

If you have earned up to ₦8,000 and above on this site which was not done through referrals, most of the earnings can be considered invalid NOT ALL.

And below are some reasons why:

Multiple Comments

As an ICTMORE earner, we made it clear that you can only leave one comment. If you leave more than one comment to boost your earnings, you should be aware that those earnings are invalid, and you won’t be paid for them.

So this should be noted.

We have worked on this and stop it, therefore from now, even if you comment up to 100 times on a single post, you will only be credited for one.

Invalid Click On Each Sponsored Post “Click To Earn After Sharing” 

The majority of you have started repeatedly clicking the CLICK TO EARN AFTER SHARING link at the bottom of each sponsored post in an effort to increase your activity earnings, as we have noticed.

Although we have also limit those earnings, if you like click to earn times 100, you will only be credited once.


Invalid Referral

We talked about this in a previous post we made which was released yesterday.

If you are an earner and what you do is refer your different email account just to increase your earnings that referral earnings are invalid and you should note that the penalty for it is that your account can be terminated.

Although we are trying to limit this per IP, but it won’t be possible in a long while.

But the fact still state that invalid means of earning through referral is not allowed.

Invalid referral simply means, you are creating fake accounts by yourself using your link in other to boost your referral earnings.



If you want to get paid then try as much as possible to not engage in invalid activities as the one listed above.

If you are earning through the legitimate way please bare with us as withdrawals will be done from next month.

Thank You For Reading

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