Praises To Jesus: how to praise Jesus the right way

Saying praises to jesus

Saying praises to Jesus is a great thing for all believers because praises move the power of God to action

In today’s post, I’ll cover everything about praises to Jesus, let’s dive in.

Saying praises to jesus

What Praises to Jesus means

Praises to Jesus is a form of showing appreciation for what God has done for you.

Praises to Jesus is a way of being grateful for past blessings, which God has done in your life.
As a believer, we all have different reasons to say praises to Jesus, for there’s no one like him.

Why most we say praises to Jesus

The power of praises should never be underrated, cause we have seen different examples in the Bible.
Here is the reason why we say praises to Jesus.

1. We say praises to Jesus for his kindness to man:

Jesus has shown kindness to man in a lot of ways, he died to set man free from sin, and he suffered a lot of persecution for man’s sake.
The great kindness Jesus did was dying for the sin of man.

“Lord Jesus Christ I praise your name for your grace and kindness upon my life, for dying for all my sin.”

2. We say praises to Jesus for the bread of life.

Jesus’ death was an opportunity for man to have life after death.
Jesus said I am the bread of life, Jesus gave me and you reasons to have hope.

“Lord, I say praises to your name for being the bread of life that sustains my life”.

3. We say praises to Jesus for his love for mankind:

It was the love that Jesus had for mankind, that was why he died for man and has continued to be with Us always and forever.
Jesus’ love is so strong that he also sent his holy spirit to comfort man and Grant man with the gift of the spirit.


“Lord I praise you for your love upon my life, for though I have sinned, you still showed your mercy upon my life.

4. We say Praises to Jesus for the gift of the spirit:

God has given everyone the gift of the spirit, the gift of speaking in tongues, faith, Discernment, wisdom, knowledge, interpretation of tongues, and a lot of other gifts.


“Father Lord I thank you for your Spiritual gift upon my life “

5. We say praises to Jesus for his protection and guidance:

When we pray for protection and guidance, Jesus has always been there for us in all situations.
Praises for protection means showing gratitude for what Jesus has done in your life.
Our safety is not in our hands it’s in the hands of the Lord.


“Heavenly Father, I thank you for your protection and guidance over my life, for always keeping me in safety”.

6. We say praise to Jesus for his blessings and provision upon our life:

Jesus has blessed and provided for man, he always continues to do new things for man.
Whenever we call upon the Lord for blessing and provision he always answers.
Whoever serves the Lord with all his/her heart will never lack good.


“Jesus I thank you for always proving for me and blessings me in times of need “.

7. We say praises to Jesus for always answering prayer:

This kind of praise is very powerful and works perfectly for the believer.
You can praise God for answering your prayers, and also you can praise Jesus immediately after praying, that you’re sure he has heard and answered your prayer, It is a sign of faith to Jesus that you believe in him. This praise works wonders.
” Lord Jesus Christ I praise your name for always answering my prayers, for I know you have heard and answered my prayers”.

8. we say praises to Jesus for it is compulsory as a Christian:

God commanded man to praise him for that’s the only thing he ask of a man.
If a man refuses to praise God, God said he will raise the stones to praise him.

9. We say praises to Jesus for God is fearful in praises:

The psalmist says fearfully in praises, which means, God is fearful and that more wonder in praises.

10. We say praises to Jesus cause it’s another way to communicate with Jesus:

In praises, we communicate with our maker, in praises we ask from our maker.

What are the three types of praises

They are:

1. Praise for past blessing
2. Praises for future blessings
3. Praises for creation.

1. Praises for past blessings:

Our praises we say to God for what he has done in the past, the types of Praises are means of showing sign of gratitude for what God has done in your life.

It’s always important we remember to show gratitude to God for his past blessings, for even man will also ask this from their fellow man, if such person refuses to show gratitude, he can’t receive anything from that person anymore.
What about God our maker it’s important to always say Praises of gratitude every day.

2. Praises For the future blessings:

We praise God for what he will do for us in the future, these are praises of hope.
It’s the most powerful type of Praise, cause it shows you believe and have faith in Jesus.
This type of praise is a form of assurance in the power of God.
Man has to understand the power of praises, “God is fearful in praises” when we say praises for future blessings, God will always Do wonders.

3. Praises for creation:

God has chosen to create me and you, he has given us everything we need.
This type of praise to Jesus is a means of being grateful for what God has done by creating us, for giving you life, for the breath of life, and for all that he has done in creating man.

What is the best way to praise Jesus

The best way to praise Jesus is by praising Jesus from your heart, by praising Jesus with your soul, body, and spirit. by praising him in truth and spirit.

Because the bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Once you praise the Lord with your heart, he knows and will surely answer you.
The heart is connected to your spirit, soul, and body, that’s why you have to praise God from the bottom of your heart.

Why is Praises so Important to God

Praise is so important to God because our praise is what God gets for all he is doing for man. Praises are God’s food.
It’s important to praise God to show gratitude and appreciation for what he has done for man.

Saying praises to jesus

How do I compliment Jesus

To compliment Jesus for whatever he has done for you is by praising him, praises are the only way to compliment Jesus, it is a means of showing appreciation.

In conclusion:

Saying praises to Jesus is the only way to show gratitude, and give honour to God. It’s the responsibility of all believers to give praise to Jesus Christ, for everything he has done for man, in heaven and on earth.

Without Jesus what can we do, he gave the man a second chance, he’s the redeemer of our soul and salvation. For without Jesus no salvation.

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