Praying on the mountain: Advantages & disadvantages

Praying on the mountain

Praying on the mountain: Advantages & disadvantages

Is there any form of doubt you’re having on prayer on the mountain, just keep reading you’ll find all your answers here?

Many prophets in recent years love praying on the mountain, for the sake of biblical records, they’re many examples of some prophets of God that went to pray on the mountain.

In this post, you’ll understand everything you need to know about
prayer on the mountain, and why people think it’s more effective.

What is prayer on the mountain

Praying on the mountain

These are prayers that are being said on the mountain, many people still love praying on mountains, which is according to their belief.

But prayer on the mountain is not compulsory for every human being,
Moses is a very good example in the Bible that prayed on the mountain same as our Lord Jesus Christ.
Prayer on the mountain is the same as other prayers, the only difference is the quiet and disturbance-free environment.

Importance of prayer on the mountain

Prayer on the mountain is powerful and equivalent to any other form of prayer,
but mostly when people pray on daily basis it’s always filled with all forms of distraction, which is why powerful men of God always run to the mountain to pray.

No one is above distraction that’s just a major fact. Praying on the mountain symbolises dedication, it also symbolises readiness and hard work. This is the major advantage of praying on the mountain.

Advantages of prayer on the mountain

1. When Praying on the Mountain, helps a person to stay holy with God in prayer.

2. Praying on the mountain helps the prophet to understand God’s will.

3. It Allows one to pray freely without any form of distraction

4. It allows the doors of heaven to open to you.

5. It gives you solid determination.

6. It enables the spirit of God to come upon your life.

7. It opens ways for the gift of the spirit to have access into your life.

8. It allows Little means of temptation by the devil.

9. It let the fire of revival enter into your body, soul and spirit.

What praying on Mountain can’t do

1. Praying on Mountain won’t guarantee you answers to your prayer.

2. Praying on the mountain doesn’t bring you closer to God.

3. Praying won’t guarantee that you’re already a prophet of God.

4. Praying on the mountain doesn’t make you special to God.

5. Praying on the mountain is not compulsory before you can hear from the lord.

What is the significance of praying on the mountain

The major advantage of praying on the mountain is you’ll lack any form of distraction and will show full determination with God in prayer.

The reason most people always see quick results when they pray on the mountain is that they had full determination, and tried to avoid every possible distraction that may come their way.

Praying on the mountain show you have faith in God and you’re determined to do whatever it takes to be victorious. And this type of attitude set you aside from other weak Christians, which is why God answers prayers on the mountain faster.

What Mountain can I Go and pray

Your house can be your Mountain, it just depends on your determination and focuses on God. All you need to do is prepare your heart and mind to be determined to take these vital decisions.

However, if making this decision seems difficult, it is not a bad thing to go to the mountain and pray, always make sure the mountain you’ve chosen is safe and secured.
Your Church Auditorium can be a mountain as well since all you need is full focus and no distraction, you can also achieve that in a church auditorium.

Locking yourself in a room is another great way to pray without distraction, with this you’ll be able to focus on your prayers properly.

How do you pray on a prayer Mountain

Praying on a prayer Mountain needs a lot of concentration and determination, which are:
1. You have to pray with full determination.

2. You have to allow the lord to have his way into your life.

3. You have to pray from your heart, soul and body.

4. You need to ask for the presence of God to come upon you.

The bottom line of praying on the mountain

Most believers and prophet of God loves praying on the mountain, which isn’t a bad thing, but if you don’t have a close mountain you can go to, there is no special advantage of praying on the mountain, God is everywhere.

Your mountain can be your room, if you lock yourself in a room it’s also a great way to concentrate on your prayers.

We have covered all you need to know about praying on the mountain in this post, kindly drop a comment in the comments section if you enjoyed it or if you have a question

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