Price of paint in Nigeria (2023)

Price of paint in Nigeria 2023

In this post, we will show you the full list of the of price paint in Nigeria. This is to introduce you to price and different products of one of the best paint in Nigeria.

President Paint

President Paint Nigeria have been one of the foundation builders of the indigenous and leading paint producing company here in Nigeria.

President paint Nigeria have their headquarters sited in Lagos with up to 500 retail locations nationwide and development facilities, the company (President manufacturing company) have employed up to 300 workers.

President paint Nigeria was founded by late Elder Tunde Senbanjo in 1987. Late Elder Tunde Senbajo was a British trained seasoned technocrat with a pedigree with the so much famed imperial chemical industries.

1. President Emulsion Aleo Vera

Price # 16,000 –  See current price

a. Excellent drying time

b. High spread rate

c. Good colors retention

d. High build and super adhesion power to substrates

e. High quality mold growth and adverse weather conditions resistant

2. President Emulsion off White

Price -17,000 – See current price

This is another premium quality product from emulsion. Seven years is guaranteed on interior usage and four year on exterior usage. This durable product is designed to beatify and also add more value to your assets.

3. President Gloss lack

Price – 8,000 – See current Price

Just to add to the growing premium quality by this manufacturers, the President Gloss Black is an oil based product having an excellent gloss and color retention property. This product is adhesive and good opacity which adhere to wall surfaces and metals too.

These prices are for 20 liters

Dulux White paint    ========> # 18,551

dulux colored paint    ========> # 16,700

meyer white paint    ========> # 13,644

meyer colored paint   ========> # 13,494

eagle white paint     ========> #7,000

eagle colored paint    ========> # 6,500

president white paint  =======> # 6,500

president color paint =======>  # 5,000

finecoat paint             =======> # 2,700

Sedapin Paint           =======> # 17,000

Dunn Edwards paint   =======> # 11,000

Sandtex colored paint        ========> # 14,000

Sandtex White paint    =========> # 9,000

Silka colored paint   =========> # 12,000

Silka White paint     =========> # 7,000

Allwin Paint         =======> # 12,000

Peacock white =======> # 5,000

Peacock colors =======> # 3,000

Saclux paint White ======> # 3,000

Saclux paint Colored =====> # 5,000


Another thing is that the price varies between different locations, sellers and retailers, so we will advise you to buy from accredited or authorized dealers of each product.

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