Apply For Rice MBA Scholarships Program For International Students (2023 Guide)

“Apply For Rice MBA Scholarships Program For International Students (2023 Guide)”

With the way the economy is heading and the how bad things are getting it is really hard for students to actually get a full education as the tuition fees is really high.

There are lot of expenses that students have to budget for if they wish to study in a university without any awards, grant, loan and even scholarship.

Scholarships are made by countries to reduce the cost of education for students that why in most developed countries you see a lot of scholarship programs that students can work with.

Also you need to know that working with any of this programs requires that you meet up to the requirements such as the GMAT Score, Cumulative GPA Score, GRE Verbal and Quantitative score and much more important information you will need to provide to the program.

The Rice Jones University Is one offers a lot of scholarship opportunities to ambitious students who wish to get a full education, this university has gotten it’s fame due to the fact that lot of students who apply for a scholarship with them have gotten it, there acceptance rate unlike some scholarship program is something which a lot of people can work with.

So if you are planning on studying in a university and you do not know how to get the total budget then getting a scholarship is a nice idea and for those who do not know the program to work with then in this article we would be over Apply For Rice MBA Scholarships Program For International Students.

You need to know that this program works with whatever course you plan on studying from Business, to music, to public health as long you can meet up to the requirements.

Rice MBA Scholarships Program

Alright in this MBA scholarship program you will be able to get a full time scholarship as an international student.

But one thing you should be aware of is the fact that if you wish to be considered among the list of application you need to provide all documents and information needed during your application process.

Thousands of students from around the world apply for this program during each academic session.

This program do not select it’s students based on their race or ethnicity as everyone can be able to into this program. Under the Rice Jones University there are a lot of other scholarship program options available and we would be going over that in the next section.

Rice Jones Scholarship Program Options

Apply For Rice MBA Scholarships Program For International Students

As promised let us go over some scholarship options which the Rice Jones University provide to its users.

1. MBA Scholar

This highly sought-after award covers the full cost of tuition as well as living and textbook fees.

The beneficiaries of this prize should hold themselves to a high academic and leadership level as they pursue their MBA because there is an interview component to the selection process.

2. Full Named Dean’s Endowed Scholarship

The Names in Full Dean’s Endowed Scholarship covers applicants’ full tuition and fees and adds $2,000,000 to Rice’s scholarship fund.

What does it mean to endow a scholarship?

Each academic year, scholarships are given to specific students and funds are invested in a diverse portfolio. A private foundation is typically used to endow scholarships.

3. Flagship Scholarships

Students who satisfy the requirements and need additional money to complete their MBAs may be a good fit for Rice’s Flagship Scholarship possibilities.

So for this particular scholarship program after meeting to their requirements a little payment must be made in other to complete the MBA program qualification.

4. Military Scholars Program (MSP)

Military candidates for the full-time MBA program at Rice may be eligible for scholarships that pay for their tuition and other living costs.

Will Lyles, a member of the class of 2017, said, “The MSP gave me the opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the nation and be a part of something that is ever evolving.

It’s difficult for me to express how appreciative I am for that scholarship and this college.

Crownover Scholars Program

Students who receive this scholarship will get the chance to meet James Crownover, a past chair of the Rice Board of Trustees.

In addition to offering financial support, this award forges a relationship between recipients and the knowledgeable James Crownover.

James Crownover serves as a mentor, connecting students with business leaders and providing advice and insight.

Jones’s Partners’ Leadership Scholarship

Jones Partners is a group of experts committed to bridging the gap between the local business sector and the Jones Graduate School of Business.

For full-time MBA candidates with the potential to be exceptional leaders, this network offers a scholarship.

This prestigious grant covers tuition and fees for the recipient for two years.

The McNair Scholars Program

One Rice MBA applicant is selected each year for the McNair Scholars Program based on academic standing, ability, and leadership qualities.

Promising individuals from low-income backgrounds—typically first-generation college students—are given opportunities through the McNair Scholars Program, which pays their entire tuition fees.

Rice MBA Scholarships Program Requirements

  • Incoming students had an average GMAT score of 705 or a quantitative GRE score of 160 and a verbal score of 157. A minimum TOEFL score of 100 is required for international candidates.
  • Align your post-MBA goals with your profile.
  • Evaluate your Business school fit.
  • Apply early.
  • Negotiate the scholarship amount.

How To Apply For Rice MBA Scholarships

If you wish to apply you can either click this link or the button below and you will be directed to the application page where you will be able to see the application form.

On this form all you have to do is fill in your basic and personal information as well as providing for them some documents needed to increase your chances of approval.


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Final Words

For those asking the question can I get full scholarship for MBA?

You can, indeed. A good GMAT score simply improves your chances of receiving a scholarship, even if scholarship committees do not specify a minimum GMAT score to ensure one.

In Rice MBA scholarship program you will not be able to work part time as this is a full time scholarship that needs all your devotion so your part time job can wait for later, although there will be no need to work as most times the scholarship sponsors your accommodation and food expenses as well.

This leads us to the end of this article, ask what ever question you want to ask in the comments section below and we would try our best to answer, thank you for reading till the end.

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