SPIRITUAL GIFT OF HELP: How to get this Gifted

Spiritual gift of help

SPIRITUAL GIFT OF HELP: How to get this Gift

The spiritual gift of help is one of the spiritual gift given to men by the holy Spirit.

I’ll explain the basic fact about the spiritual gift of help in this very post.

Spiritual gift of help


The spiritual gift of help is bestowed on believers for the edification of the Church of God. The Spiritual Gift of help enables believers to make voluntary contributions for the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The ministry that is endowed with a greater number of worshippers/believers with this gift makes very rapid progress than those without it. In modern times, with the use of internet facilities, the whole world has been turned into a global village.

It is now easier to reach out to a greater number of people using these facilities, but they cost a lot of money to procure.

This is why the ministry needs a large number of believers who have this gift. They are usually of immense value to the ministry.

Spiritual gift of help

If you look around, you will come across some ministries that are less than thirty years old but have made impact in the society than those that are fifty years and more.

The difference is the abundance of believers with this gift. The ministry will enjoy the services of a great number of believers who do not ask for remuneration on the services they render to the church.

This great assemblage of willing believers will embark on projects without asking the ministry to make contributions both financially and materially.
In addition, the very poor in the ministry get regular welfare packages that glorify and honor our Lord Jesus Christ.

Every ministry should always pray that stingy believers be few amongst them. The ministry should pray to have a vibrant team of believers that God bestowed within this important spiritual gift, as helping others who are less endowed financially, socially, materially and spiritually is a gift.

Purposes of spiritual Gift of help

1. To witness for Christ, the spiritual gift of help will help the witness for Christ easier.

2. To equip individuals to serve others and build up the church. this is one of the main purpose of spiritual gift of help.

3. To make a unique contribution to the body of Christ.
4. For living a joy-filled, victorious life.
5. It enables us toward becoming more and more like Christ.
6. To demonstrate God’s grace in us.
7. To praise God (1 Corinthians. 14:25).

How to Get the Spiritual Gift of help

1. You must be born again: this is the first and one of the most important part of receiving the spiritual gift of help
2. You must thirst for it: As we all know,y can only get something when you thirst and want that thing.
it’s very important to show willingness and work towards it.
3. You must have the right attitudes :
God will always give the right people the right gift, a stingy person can’t receive the Spiritual gift of help.

4. You must pray to receive it : prayer is needed as usual, prayer is the master keys a believer has.

5. You must obey the words of God: The word of God is what keeps you going and will hold your faith, that’s why it’s important if you need the Spiritual gift of help


The spiritual gift of help is an important gift in the church. The spiritual gift of help enables believers to give generously for the works of the ministry. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ must reach the whole world.

Spiritual gift of help

There are many areas that cannot be accessed physically but can be accessed electronically, ie. through radio, television, satellite and others. These facilities cost a lot of money, therefore, the ministry needs believers with the gift to render a helping hand financially and spiritually.

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