Spiritual gift of prophecy

Spiritual gift of prophecy

Spiritual gift of prophecy

The Spiritual gift of prophecy is one of the gift of the spirit which God promise to give his people in the last.

The Bible says in the book of Acts 2:17, that on the last days God will pour out his spirit gift of prophecy upon all his beloved children.

in this post I’ll explain the Spiritual gift of prophecy, and how to get the spiritual gift of prophecy.

Spiritual gift of prophecy


Prophecy means a statement that make known what is going to happen in the future. It is the Holy Spirit that gives the word, for the benefit of the church of Christ.

The Three main source of Prophecy

Prophecy can come from three sources:

1. From God (2 Peter. 1:21).

God can empower a man to Prophecy, which we call the Spiritual gift of prophecy, the main source to receive the true power of prophecy is from God.

2. From the devil (Revelation. 12:9).

The devil can also empower a man with demonic gift of prophecy to prophesy evil or demonic utterance on the life of people. The Devil won’t do anything go what ever the devil gives a man is called evil.

3. From man (Deuteronomy. 13:1-8).
Man can make Prophecy on the life of people without any assurance or confirmation from God.
Man can make Prophecy at own will.

Prophecy is a gift of the Spirit mentioned by Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 14:1 and Eph.4:11

Test of Prophecy

An important aspect of prophecy is determining a true prophet from a false one. Prophecy can be tested, because not all prophecies emanate from God. There are three important
tests of prophecy.
1. Whether the prophecy comes true;

2. Whether the prophecy corresponds with God’s
revelations and/or with the words of God;
3. Whether the source of the prophecy i.e. the prophet lives a God-fearing life.

Many Old Testament prophecies found fulfillment first in the experience of the people of Israel and ultimately in Jesus Christ. He is the last Prophet of the Lord, for He is the word of God in human flesh. Some think that many Old Testament prophecies are to be fulfilled in the nation Israel, while others
think they will be fulfilled only in Christ and the Church.

Uses Spiritual gift of Prophecy

1.The Spirit of truth (the Holy Spirit), through the gift of prophecy, shows and reveal to us things to come.
2. Prophecy is the voice of God for the edification of the church.
3. Prophecy pronounces judgment.
4. Prophecy predicts the future.
5. Prophecy calls people to repentance
6. Prophecy points out the people’s sin(1 Kings 18:18-19).
7. Prophecy gives hope to the people (Jer.23:3-8).
8. Prophecy is a message from God (John 3:2).

How to get Spiritual gift of prophecy
1. Ask: a Christian can request for the Spiritual gift of prophecy, God has promised to pour out his spirit upon his children in the last day.
When you ask you’ll receive.

2. Practicing holiness: living in holiness is definitely important to get the Spiritual gift of prophecy.

3. Prayer and fasting:
By frequently praying and fasting a man can receive the Spiritual gift of prophecy.

4.  Reading and making use of the word of God: reading and practicing The word of God is the beginning of wisdom. The Lord has given us his word to feed our spirit man daily. Reading and practicing the holy word will empower a man to receive the Spiritual gift of prophecy.


Our response to Spiritual gift of prophecy should be positive. After testing and confirming it to be true, it should be heeded and trusted because it comes from the Holy Spirit. It is given for the edification of the church.
We should also note that:

1. Not everyone who prophesies is a prophet of God (1 Corinthians. 14:3).

2. Sinners can prophesy (Numbers 24:2-9).

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