The spiritual gift of tongues with interpretation


The spiritual gift of tongues with interpretation

The spiritual gift of tongues with interpretation of tongues is a very important gift to the church, which Is why believers most taste for it.

The Bible say:”But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Acts 1:8


Our Lord Jesus Christ promised the believers the gifts of the Holy Spirit. With the gift of the Holy Ghost baptism that comes with evidence of speaking in tongues, power from above will be deposited on us.


This reminds us of Acts 2:1-4, where the Presence and the physical manifestation of the Holy Ghost was seen and received on earth.

The Bible records that they were filled with fire and power, and people from other nations both far and near testified and heard them speak in their own native languages (Acts 2:3-4, 8-11). With this fresh anointing.

Apostle Peter was able to preach his first sermon with boldness and power, and verse 41 tells us that about 3,000 souls were added to the church.


  • Tongues is the speech of, and to God (1Cor14:2).
  • Speaking in tongues began on the day of Pentecost.
  • It is a supernatural proclamation of God.
  • It is the most misunderstood of all the spiritual gifts.
  • It is directed through man’s spirit and manifested as spirit language.

What Speaking in Tongues Is Not?

1. It is not the learning of language (1 Cor. 14:14)
2. There is an element of faith and courage attached to this gift.

Why Speak in Tongues?

1. It is an evidence of the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.
(Acts 2) a person can only speak in tongues only after the holy spirit most have filled his life.
2. It is a prayer language (1 Cor. 14:2) speaking in tongues is another way of praying to God.

3. It is used to magnify God (Acts 10:46) a person can praise God by speaking in tongues.

4. It edifies (1 Cor. 14:4).

5. It brings gladness in singing. (1 Cor. 14:15).

6. It can be used for intercessory prayers (Rom.8:26).

7. It is a source of spiritual refreshing (1Sam.28:11-12).

8. It is like a repository of profit (1 Cor. 12:7).

What Is Interpretation of Tongues?

Interpretation of tongues is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as recorded in (1jCor.12:10). It is one of the spiritual gifts in the body of Christ.


It is the translating or transliterating of the spiritual tongues in a fellowship, service or environment to a language generally understood by the people or members present.

  • It is also a spiritual gift from God Almighty to believers who are in Christ Jesus only and not unbelievers.

Requirements for Receiving the Gift of speaking in tongues With Interpretation of Tongues

1. Genuine salvation in Christ Jesus only (i.e. giving yourlife to Jesus Christ)

2. Sanctification

3. Living a holy life and spirit-filled or spirit-baptized life.

4. Keeping all the commandments of God. (John 14:15,

5. Ask for and covet the gift. (John 14:12-13, 16).

6. Receive the genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Hindrances to Receiving Gifts of Speaking in tongues with Interpretation of Tongues

1. Sin/iniquity:

No sinner can receive the gift if speaking in tongues with interpretation of tongues, cause the prayer of the ungodly is unrighteous in the side of God.

2. Unholy living:

when a person is finding it difficult to live a holy life, that person will definitely be unable to receive the gift of speaking in tongues with interpretation of tongues.

3. Disobedience:

If a person fail to obey the laid down laws that God has made, that person can receive spiritual gift of tongues with interpretation of tongues.

4. Stubbornness:

Showing stubbornes to warning or directives of the Holy Spirit, will hinder someone from receiving the gift of tongues with interpretation of tongues.

5. Worldliness:

if a person love the things of the world, than the things of God, such person will never receive this gift of tongues with interpretation of tongues.

Advantages of the Gift of tongues with Interpretation of Tongues

1.It helps one to grow in the Lord
2. It helps one to differentiate a spiritual tongue empowered by the Holy Spirit from that of the devil.

3. It builds and edifies the body of Christ.
4. It makes people and members in a service or fellowship to understand the message or word from the Lord.

5. It eliminates confusion in the body of Christ.


Beloved, the gift of tongues with interpretation of tongues is a promise to you and every believer in Christ Jesus, therefore ask for it and believe that you shall receive it.

Furthermore, let us be careful about the kind of tongues with interpretations of tongues we listen to because there are lots of counterfeit tongues and interpretations.

Some use it to fulfill their selfish reasons or ambition, while some are satanically initiated for deception and manipulation.

We are in the last days where the Bible confirms that perilous time shall come (2 Tim.3:1-5).

Let us, therefore, keep our focus on the Lord and run the race according to the rules and regulations, knowing that there is an incorruptible crown awaiting those who run the race well (1cor.9:24-26).

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