Apply For Unicaf Scholarship And Study For A Master’s Degree

“Apply For Unicaf Scholarship And Study For A Master’s Degree”

There are a lot of scholarship opportunities which are available for those who are looking to study abroad, being either an undergraduate program or a master degree there are scholarship program which students can work for and get effortlessly.

But by effortlessly we mean you get it easily after meeting up to the requirements of the university scholarship program, and there are lot of scholarship program but after much research we have realised that the different scholarship programs usually have the same or similar requirements which includes a GPA of up to 3.5 – 4.0 and above, a good IETLS score and providing some documents which you need.

Alright now for those looking to get a scholarship program as an international student to get either a Bachelor or Masters degree then unicaf should be among some of the programs you should consider.

This scholarship program is now accepting applications, but you should be aware that in order to be approved, you will need to fulfill some prerequisites.

You should be aware that there are several online unicaf scholarship programs available to you, and we will do our best to cover them all in this article.

The Unicaf scholarship program is beneficial for candidates for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies.

The majority of the time, international students question their eligibility for this program.

However, you should know that you can apply for an online program in the Unicaf Scholarship if you are an international student.

You might be interested to learn which nations this university is affiliated with since UNICAF frequently collaborates with prestigious universities all over the world.

You should be aware that prominent colleges from the US, the UK, Europe, and even Africa have worked together on this online scholarship initiative.

They want to provide quality education to overseas students by enabling them to study abroad with them.

Each year, a large number of scholarships are awarded to overseas students who apply to the unicaf scholarship program.

This article would be a complete guide which would be going over all you need to know concerning Unicaf scholarship program before applying.

About Unicaf | UNICAF Description

Apply For Unicaf Scholarship

About Unicaf

When Unicaf, an online program, was first established in 2012, it was exclusively accessible to people living in Africa, as opposed to today, when it is accessible to anyone worldwide.

They are situated in Cyprus, Europe, and their main office is there. According to reviews, the main goal of this program is to offer top-notch education to gifted students who want to study online.

Who is the proprietor of the online courses offered by Unicaf University? Nicos Nicolaou, the founder and CEO of Unicaf, a leading higher education online platform with students from 160 countries, had a vision for an education industry that was more resilient and backed by digital infrastructure.

UNICAF Scholarship Program Description

This particular scholarship program is accessible in every country on earth, and we’ll discuss how they’ve worked with a number of universities in this section.

Below is a list of universities from the US, UK, Europe, and Africa that are associated with the UNICAF Scholarship Program for 2022.

  • The University of East London (London)
  • Liverpool John Moores University (England)
  • The University of Suffolk (England)
  • The University of California Riverside Extension (USA)
  • The University of Rwanda (Rwanda)
  • The University of Zambia (Zambia)
  • UNICAF University (Larnaca, Cyprus)

UNICAF Scholarship Requirements

When deciding who to award a scholarship to at unicaf after receiving hundreds of applications, the program looks primarily at three factors: academic qualifications, country of residency, and financial capability.

To be eligible for a scholarship through their online program, you must fulfill these three requirements.

  • Admission to a Bachelor’s degree program requires a Senior School Leaving Certificate with an aggregate score of “60” or “C” or “Credit”, or an international equivalent.
  • Copy of valid passport or national ID.
  • Recognized proof of English proficiency.
  • Admission to a Master’s degree program requires an accredited Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent. Related professional qualifications at the appropriate level will also be considered for entry.

How much is Unicaf scholarship?

Students who qualify can earn a significant scholarship of up to 75% and a personalized payment schedule. They won’t have to give up their academic goals as a result of financial constraints in this way.

Is Unicaf accredited in Nigeria?

Degrees from Unicaf University are acknowledged and approved by the local national authorities where our campuses are located.

How To Apply For Unicaf Scholarship

If you have checked and analysed yourself and realised you have meet up to the requirements then you can apply via the button below.


For those who need more info on the requirements then check their official site requirements.

Who Can Apply for Unicaf Scholarship?

Basically anyone can apply for UNICAF as long as their country is included in the list of services they provide.

When submitting your application, be ready to begin your academic studies no later than six months after being accepted into one of the available programs.

Final Words

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