What worship is: how to worship God the right way

What worship is

The word worship is a word mostly used in religious activity, but most people don’t know what worship is.

Worship is a very important religious activity which I’ll be explaining in this post

In the article, I’ll explain what worship is, and a full breakdown of how to render worship.

What worship is

Worship means a lot, it means to render service to someone, something, or an unseen spirit.

What worship is

the word worship has a lot of meaning. And I’ll be explaining them below.

1. Worship means to render service to God
2. Worship means to take back glory to God.
3. Worship means to adore your maker.
4. Worship means accepting supremacy.
5. Worship means to do something.
6. Worship means to praise
7. Worship means to believe and acknowledge the truth.
8. Worship means showing gratitude.
9. Worship means to be faithful
10. Worship means being loyal
11. Worship means taking action.
12. Worship means to work
13. Worship means to sacrifice.

The word worship has a lot of meaning, as Christian worship is very important in Christianity.
The only thing God gets for all he has been doing for humanity is our worship, God has asked humanity to render worship to him.
worship has to be done in truth and spirit, it means rendering selfless service to God.
Worship is done when we do the will of God, worship means being willing to go extra mile for God.

Anyone who claims he/she is a true worshiper of God must keep all his commandments, that’s when you have been true. The Bible says we worship God in truth and spirit.

Being true to God means to follow all that he has asked you to.
In Spirit mean connecting to the Lord.

What worship is not

People most times mistake worship for something else, most people think worship is to thank God or sing at church, no that’s wrong, below are examples of what people mistake worship for.

1. Worship is not just song:

Most people at church mistake worship for singing songs, no it’s wrong, worship is far deeper than just singing songs to God. We worship God with everything about us, not just the slow song we sing in the congregation or alone.

2. Worship is not just dancing:

Worship doesn’t mean just dancing, it has a lot more than that.

3. Worship is not just clapping:

your hands are not the worship your render to God, but your entire life.

4. Worship is not asking:

Worship doesn’t mean to ask, worship means to do, sacrifice, and surrender your heart to God.

5. Worship is not forceful:

It’s not a force to worship it is of will and not by force, you must worship God in truth, not to satisfy people.

Many people think it’s only when they come they come to the gathering of saints they can worship God, but that’s wrong.

To worship God you must surrender your body, soul, and spirit to God, that’s why the Bible says we must worship in truth and spirit, that’s only when a person is worshipping God.

How do I offer true worship to God

It’s important everyone knows how to offer true worship to God.
They’re two ways to worship God truly:

1. In truth:

This means to worship God in all forms of righteousness. God has given man his commandment, the moment you’re following his commandment, then you’re worshipping him.

Helping people, praising God, working in holiness, doing the right thing, that’s when you’re worshipping God.
In truth means from your heart not forcefully, your worship must come from your heart, the Lord sees all man’s hearts and knows what everyone is thinking. The moment you’re being true to his worship he knows. The heart controls our actions not everyone who claims to worship God is doing it from their heart.

2. In Spirit:

Your spirit man is your real you, everyone is a spirit containing a body. The spirit of a person is connected directly to the heart, meaning when you worship in truth, it’s connected to the spirit. We agreed that worship is a service.

so, rendering God service means doing what he wants you to do at that very moment. God will always talk to a man in spirit, that’s why I said the spirit is connected to the heart. Whenever God lays something in your heart and you do it, you’re also worshipping God that Way.

What type of worship pleases God

The worship that pleases God is by worshipping with your body, soul, and spirit. which means total sacrifice to God. You have to offer your total worship to God to please him. You must do what he wants you to do. It always important to know what worship is.

God has plans for every soul and he has a duty for everyone to do, the moment you’re doing everything you have to render pleasing worship to God.


Worship is very important in Christianity and we must know how to worship God.
Worship is a very deep and wide topic. most believers normally mistake worship for something else.
I’ve explained what worship is and how to worship God.

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